Bali Healing Trip

Experience the True Healing in Bali

Trip Destinations & Activities

We are not only concerned to the quality of outward experiences but also the inner journey

Stay at Home for Spiritual Traveler, Kuta

Al-Isha “Home for Spiritual Traveler” is not merely a hotel or guest house, but designed as home for Spiritual Travelers

Meditate and Experience the True Healing at Spiritual Ashram, Ubud

Anand Ashram Ubud, Centre for Wellbeing & Self-Empowerment

Get Healed at Secret Garden, Kuta

Secret Garden of The Divine Mother, dedicated to heal Mother Earth and Her Children

Pray and Meditate at several Sacred Temples in Gianyar

Experience the Healing Vibration and Ancient Cultures

Featured Trips

There are lots of people offering trip but we want you to take something of value with you, something, which changes or brings about a positive influence on your being. Our foremost goal is that you are not merely visit Bali but find yourself in Bali.

One Day Trip to Ubud

The places you will be visiting are the most serene and spiritually rich places in Bali. There will be meditation sessions that helps you find the true healing within yourself.


3 Days + 2 Nights Healing Trip

This trip is designed to give you time to relax and meditate at your own pace whilst enjoying the serene quality of the world’s famous and most spiritual Island of “Bali”


Be the first on a new journey

We are not only interested in showing you cultural heritages of Bali: Forts, Palaces, Traditional Markets etc. but also want to show you what is really valuable. YOU. And to do that,  you  need to enjoy what you see, your body needs to breathe clean air, and your mind needs to be calm without worrying about anything, you will be in the same vicinity as many of sages and mystics who gained Enlightenment