Goa Gajah Temple, Gianyar

Thought to have been a hermitage for eleventh-century Hindu priests, Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave) is a major tourist attraction. Besides the cave itself, there's a traditional bathing pool here, as well as a number of ancient stone relics. Descending the steps from the back of the car park, you get a good view of the elegant rectangular bathing pool.

Durga Kutri Temple, Gianyar

Pura Bukit Dharma Durga Kutri is a Hindu temple located in Gianyar regency, Bali. The temple is situated on a hill, hence the name "Bukit" which means "hill" in Indonesian. It is a relatively small temple compared to some of the more well-known temples in Bali, but it is still an important site for worship and religious ceremonies.

Gunung Kawi Temple, Gianyar

Pura Gunung Kawi Sebatu is known for its tranquil and beautiful surroundings, with natural spring water pools and lush greenery. The temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, and features various shrines and pavilions throughout its complex.

Al-Isha Kuta

Al-Isha “Home for Spiritual Traveler” is not merely a hotel or guest house, but designed as home for Spiritual Travelers. It provides not only affordable rooms but also various services for any Spiritual Travelers to rest their bodies, to cleanse their minds, and beautifying their souls.

Secret Garden Kuta

Despite its modest scale – possibly the smallest public park the world has – this public park is not an ordinary park. Dedicated to the Mothers of the Universe, the ‘Secret Garden of The Divine Mother’ has a considerably heavy mission, i.e. to Heal Mother Earth and Her Children.

Anand Ashram Ubud

Anand Ashram Ubud (Bali) under the auspices of Anand Ashram Foundation (Est.1991) is one of several self-development centres founded by Spiritual Humanist, Guruji Anand Krishna

One Earth School Kuta

This chool was initiated by Guruji Anand Krishna to bring about change within the education system. It was established in order to build the character of the next generation that will grow holistically by being able to cultivate the wisdom of the past whilst facing globalization’s challenges wisely without losing their own identities

L'Ayurveda Kuta

L'Ayurveda, unlike other spas, pampers your Body, nourishes your Mind and rejuvenates your Soul. Therapies, treatments and services at L'Ayurveda relaxes you while alleviating the root of anxiety and discomfort from your body and mind. Yoga, massage, aura therapies, tarot reading, and crystal therapies are available.
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